Sunday, May 20, 2012

More love with the ramen

So my love for ramen continued - found myself going back to the same ramen shop to just steal away from everything that is happening. I am trying not to complain because no one likes a person who does nothing but complain about how sucky their life is or how hard their job is. The truth is, everyone to a certain extend have a sucky life so its a matter of how you deal with it that makes all the difference. And not to mention, all the so called suckiness is also due to one's own doing, So these days, I don't even want to talk about it. Or talk about anything at all. Hence all the pictures that I've posted lately.

My only consolidation is to eat ramen. There's something sort of like anticipation when I ordered mine. It's not cheap. That I have to say as much. I don't know what is the big deal about it but I just love it. Couldn't decide if it's the seasoned egg, or was it the thinly sliced charsiew or ultimately the flavoursome broth. But all in one just makes me happy. A friend commented that ramen is probably the new pan mee (considering at one point, everyone is into chilli pan mee) Almost rubbing my hand in glee just thinking about the noodle that will be arriving. Which is mad considering how fat I will be, eating these noodles for dinner.

On Thursday night, I found myself driving to a different location to try out some ramen. I've planned to go there for ages anyway to get my bag fixed - the strap was too long and I am very particular, it cannot be too long or too short. Bag fixed and I walked across the mall for ramen. So, there I went. Alone. Yet again. Having my noodles in silence and it occured to me, this is so cinemafuckingperfect. I guess perfect if you consider watching some movie stills where no one talks, even if they do, it's just nonsense and alot of staring into space or staring into something or playing with phone until something happens.

I think I am just being too dramatic.


QUIK! said...

I just had a small ramen (RM8) from Sushi Zanmai yesterday, and it was perfectly al dente.

thompsonboy said...

I love al dente