Sunday, July 03, 2011

I am used to doing things by myself

So what is it about people that they need to be in a group and do things "together-gether". Is it the fear of being labelled as an outcast or unwanted or even unpopular? Ever since we were a kid, even back in the days of being in a school the need to belong is so strong. Doesn't matter if you are in the group of weirdos or uncool kids, you are alright as long as you are in a group.

I never had much trouble being in a group or whatever till high school that I found that people are more into their cliques than ever and when I lost mine (they are all older and graduated earlier)I can remember feeling rather lost as well. As though my support system has gone and I have no where to stand. It feels almost like an leper. Don't get me wrong, I know people and I talk to them but I guess somehow I was never close to anymore. But that's fine with me cause I am never the type that hangs out with anyone or do anything after school other than rushing back to sleep (cause the night before I would sleep really late) or spend my afternoons in Bukit Bintang roaming the malls, yes my love for fashion started really young.

So going back to present day, I can't seem to share the sentiment or rather the fear of watching a movie or having a meal by myself. It seems very natural to me. After all, we all came into the world alone, and likely or not leave it alone as well, so what's the big deal with doing things by yourself? I find it actually better to do certain things like shopping by myself. On my own time, terms and mood. Though I have to confess ir's not too bad doing it or anything else for that matter with another person - usually burns more time. So it's a matter of if I want to get things done quick and clean, it would be by myself.

But a person would reach a certain age and time when the group becomes smaller (sorry, I don't believe gaylebrity with millions of friends, those are not really friends)and you become more alone. It will be something learn, to live and be alone. I can't wait to learn it bit by bit. And this Sept, I will learn to travel alone. This will be interesting.


J-boy said...

Wow and i thought i was weird for liking to do things on my own.

I admit I tend to get a little self conscious when shopping or dining alone because you get the occasional stares from people who think you're a loner.

But the solitude is liberating, and it also gives a sense of clarity. I love it! :P

William said...

A group of 2 or 3 is good enough for me.Anything more seems cumbersome.

Takashi said...

travelling alone is perhaps one of the best thing u should do :)

and speak to the locals wherever u may be; u'll be surprised how little things u know! :)


and oh.. any group not more than 4 and not less than 4 is good for me:)

Vin said...

The answer can be found when you watch ... Mean Girls!!! Hahahaha...

Gotta agree with Eric. A group of 4 can never go wrong. Lols.

Twilight Man said...

No wonder you enjoy eating alone, not for me. The more the merrier and I agree that we will depart alone just like the way we arrived. So you and I can gibber in advertising too!