Monday, November 13, 2006

Oh dear, stupid Malaysian at work again!

I am quite appalled with the recent happenings in this fourth world, up the tree country that I am calling home. At the risk of making my blog absolutely unfabulous (it should be plastered with my latest sexcapade or glamourous rendezvous) and all too political and very society (it should be on high society, thats what), I really have to say this - what the fuck is wrong with people we hire and elect here in the country? They are basically saying that rape is justified because she is born a woman or someone should be killed just because of his or her skin color. These people doesn't have a wife, mother, daughter, sister or friend? Maybe an ape gave birth to them and they marry a rock as wife. What nonsense!!

Oh god, will someone either transport me out from here or slap some sense into those idiots? How much more longer do we, Malaysian with just a little bit more brain and heart than those imbeciles have to live with these STUPID statements and actions? Kau meng loh!!!!

Despite so many things so danger that it angers me, I had quite* a weekend. Finally, I had a mini chat with Mr. Wrong and explained to him that he's just not right. I wanted to be friends and get to know him better but if it's at the cost of his feelings and all which I can't help, then maybe we should just say bye bye. He said that he understood what I've said and it's fine. We are all grown up and he appreciated my frankness. Somehow, why do I feel so wrong even though it's the right to do? Initially I wanted to avoid him until he gets the picture but Cookie (being the classy lady that she is) told me that its better to be truthful. How true indeed, quote unquote from the Bible: You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

* quite meaning I have managed to finish some work, done up the list of to-dos (though not succeding to do much), bought a fabulous book which I will talk about later and found some low rise jeans.

Speaking of jeans, I am very much annoyed with the claims by manufacturers and retailers these days. Obviously their standard of low is NOT as low as I want them to be. I can fit TWO pelvic bone in it and still have material for a thord. I guess that's the problem of not having too much fillings or rather butt to fill in typical jeans cutting. There's always way too much material at the back for me to make it a sexyback pants until of course the invention of low rise. There's just something about them and also Zara's cutting for their men's pants that fits me so well, doesn't make me look flat like a plank and low rise that makes my butt perk up. Of course there's no market for something so 'miang' like that so I have been deprieved of it until I found some lately. Oh right, just as suspected, I visited the locally opened GAP and it's fungusy because something so cheap but is marketed overpriced here. I can't believe there are so many SUCKERS here (obviously money can't buy taste) for some of the jeans are like 300++ like heloo....the status of Gap is just a little abit more than Giordano or something. Stupid Malaysians!!!!


savante said...

What can I say? Advertising can make people buy anything :)

nyonyapenang said... ho kau cheng khoai tey.

William said...

All the idiots in the local councils. Reinstate the third vote.

Perhaps you feel "wrong" because deep down, we want everyone to like us. Oh wait, you don't want that with Mr. Wrong.

For that price, I'd rather get Levi's. I only own one pair of low-rise jeans, with my hips, it's quite scandalous if I don't "fasten" it well.

Las montañas said...

I admire your courage to speak like that about the powers up there.

Anonymous said...


1) i told you to explain to mr wrong too cause i figured in his age and your age both of you would understand when you say it is not happening. just like i said not happening to ermm mr dumpling and he understood too but asking for any reason behind.

2) yes oh malaysia, speechless, unless you are retiree or doesnt care about the society. once in awhile the tv would put any asian country under the microscope and when it comes to malaysia i m utterly disappointed.

3) darling i think ermm low cut is cut out of the fashion scene. it is like ages ago. so i think u should stop wearing them. instead wear something more like classy or daddy. lol. i just country road'ed' again and bought a shirt.

4) gap eh? well same theory i suppose if you take Giordano to uzbekistan i m sure they need to pay thru' their nose for a linen shirt.

5) luv ya.

thompsonboy said...

savante: actually u can make malaysian buy anything more like it!

nyonya: apa cakap? you know I am not chinko enough to understand la

william: i didnt know that you are also so la la...well..I know, but levi's doesnt make that cut anymore *pouts*

anony: like I can only wear low cut to make my butt look good, u think I am that miang and passe meh?

William said...

You actually replied?! Must buy 4D today. How about Levi's Square Cut, looks low...

nyonyapenang said...

gua cakap - biar dia kurang pandai sikit ler.