Saturday, April 21, 2012

Love and the Ramen

So I was talking about serendipity and how almost laughable that concept it. I suppose when you don't know any better, eveything is possible. And if life is like a movie, I would probably had one of the most interesting night of my life.

It was a weekday so I've decided to drop by somewhere just to have dinner by myself. I don't usually eat dinner so to speak but the whole day I was munching on nothing but rabbit food. Right from the start it was nice because there wasn't too much of traffic on the road and easily I found a parking in that notoriously hard to find parking mall. From the moment I walked towards the escalator, I've noticed this guy - tallish, short haired, bespectacled with facial hair, young daddy-ish - typically how I like my men. Dressed in your usual office gear, grey shirt with black pants and since I followed behind - yes not too bad of a butt.

He was busy looking around the restaurant and I was busy looking at his behind while I walking behind him, heading towards my destination. I knew where I wanted to go but like always, after awhile I got bored thinking what's the point to this and overtook him to make my way to a ramen restaurant. Been craving for one and just my luck - it was quiet and I proudly asked for table for one. Some people are iffy about dining or watching movies alone but I do enjoy my me time. As I was flipping through the menu - who else but him came into the restaurant. He walked past my table and selected one for himself, a table away.

And I thought to myself, what are the chances and wondered if he's alone as well. Turned out he ordered and before long he was having ramen and mine came not too long after him (ok I couldn't decide so I took longer to order). Now if this is a movie, he would probably turn around and talk to me or smile at me and I would try to say hi in return. And that could be almost romantic start to an evening. Since it wasn't, he finished his meal and promptly left. Of course I tried in vain to make eye contact but that's about that. I was even wearing ratty clothes so what are my chances eh?

The only thing that happend after was he turned around and walked past the restaurant and we exchange a quite glance for awhile before he walked away yet again. And that is typically how things end in my life when they are not in a movie. At least the ramen was good.


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