Thursday, August 20, 2015

There is a need for conclusion

I started out thinking that the year would be long but like everything else that I have learnt in life - time passes really fast and before you knew it, it would be over. And now it's more than over. Like Carrie said once in SATC, it's so over that we need a new word for over.

Who knew that I would be forever changed by the experience that I had? Well...everyone knew it except for me. I wasn't hoping for much other than seeing some of the places that I only dreamed about in the past and of course there's always the fear of disappointment when things don't happen - so no expectations, no disappointment. Well, besides seeing and experiencing alot, I believe now my outlook, objectives and views in life is completely changed.

There were a series of changes before and upon my return home - I've found love, lost it, since then I have left home again and now working in Singapore. It's not exactly the most exotic place on earth but it's a really big step for someone who hasn't left home for more than 30 years of his life. There will be more changes to come, of this I am sure. I am not even sure if I will be updating this - I believe in  being busy enjoying life and not just talking and writing about it. But once in awhile, since I am new in a new country....

Anyway, most of the time I don't think too much about what I have done and all the adventures that I had but once in awhile I looked back and actually quite amazed. I am totally lost for words to be honest. It's freaking amazing-lar!

5 months, 23 weeks, 22 Countries, 1 Continent
Istanbul - Cappadocia - Selcuk - Kussadasi - Athens - Santorini - Tirana - Berat - Ohrid - Skopje - Sofia - Stara Planina - Bucharest - Brasov - Cluj-Napoca - Budapest - Zagreb - Sarajevo - Mostar - Dubrovnik - Split - Pula - Venice - Milan - Cinque Terre - Pisa - Florence - Siena - San Gimignano - Salerno - Pompeii - Almalfi - Positano - Capri - Naples - Rome - Vienna - Bratislava - Krakow - Prague - Berlin - Cologne - Amsterdam - Antwerp - Ghent - Brussels - Waterloo - Paris - Berlin - Barcelona - Majorca - Madrid - Toledo - Granada - Seville - Lisbon - Sintra - Porto - London - Edinburgh

83 days, 1 continent and many hours in transit, from north to south and back up north again, from high altitude to sea level and back again. Amazing food, culture, history and learnt some Spanish (not so much Portuguese)
Buenos Aires - Tigre - El Calafate - Torres del Paine - Bariloche - Puerto Montt - Santiago de Chile - San Pedro de Atacama - Uyuni - La Paz - Copacabana - Puno - Cusco - Machu Picchu - Lima - Guayaquil - Baltra - Santa Cruz - Isla Isabel - Quito - Banos - Rio de Janeiro - São Paulo - Paraty - Florianopolis - Foz de Iguazu

Nearly 3 months in Berlin and learnt German
Berlin - Cottbus - Postdam - Freiburg - Speyer - Heidelberg - Mannheim - Amsterdam - London - Rovereto - Trento


Hdaran said...

Welcome back! What an adventure you've had!

Twilight Man said...

You really made me so jealous!
I would die happily the next day if I covered all
your foot prints.
Your fate is good to cross the causeway when our ringgits
are falling like bird droppings.

Fable Frog said...

Happening lah, and congrats with your new job in SG. Patutlah all current insta taken there. All the best ya :)

William said...

One adventure ends and another begins!