Sunday, November 17, 2013

That all consuming love

Ever since I have the iPhone with me, I've been uploading alot of series and video to it and watch at leisure be it while I am traveling or on bed and some of the series that I have been following are actually The Walking Dead and Downton Abbey since the demise of Sex and the City years ago. Nothing really gets to me these days other than abit of British humor and drama. For me, the Walking Dead is beyond the zombie genre - I mean its genius in the sense that life after the fall of civilization is not just a mere 3 hours movie when you blow away everything and escape the hordes into the sunset. It's the mundane day to day survival that is the scariest.

I've been looking through the supernatural/horror genre and found that many shows have been popping up, some better than others and there's one in particular which was very interesting - In The Flesh (not too keen on the name) by BBC Three that talks about life after the apocalypse, where the 'zombies' were treated and are able to return back to society and their families in the undead state. Trying to live with prejudice, distrust, dealing with alot of issues that would have been buried if that person is dead but coming back for the second time is just a tad complicated.

And interestingly enough, the central character is actually a homosexual undead but the series doesn't make a whole big deal out of it - it's not a gay series, I mean life is life - gay or otherwise. I don't myself living differently from other people other than the type of people that I choose to go to bed with. Of course there are some people who live in this whole gay lifestyle - everything has to be about gay, look gay, hanging out only with gay people and talking about gay issues. Anyway I digress.

There's this heart wrenching moment he meet up with his lover - the main character committed suicide (and rose from his grave again later) when he heard that his lover was killed in Afghanistan during duty. Just reminded me how much I do miss that all consuming love that drives you crazy and while most of my experience have been bad (esp the outcome) more than good, I just think that it's not necessarily a bad thing. It's just part and parcel of and for being alive aint it? Yes I do miss love. That all romantic consuming love. 


William said...

I downloaded it but haven't gotten round to seriously watching it

thompsonboy said...

You should but its NOT a gay genre