Thursday, November 28, 2013

Putting a list for Christmas and New Year

To be honest, I was quite surprised that I didn't come out with a wish list last year for Christmas, there was one for 2011 and while nothing came out from it but it's nice to know that I may be not as materialistic as I used to be. I have recently spent quite a fair bit on more clothes, trekking shoes, accessories for traveling. But all these are nothing compared to the bags that I used to buy.

Anyway, like always its hard to get any gear or anything cheap in Malaysia. I have to like go through every store online and wait for sale, free shipping and make it a point to visit all the trekking and travel shops in town. Still, there are so more things that I need to get:

Basically a UV light pen that sterilizes water when you are traveling. Save money, save environment. I really detest plastic bottles but I really need to drink alot of water. All the time. In fact talking about this made me thirsty.

Travel clothes
Cotton might be cheap but it's not good for long term traveling. Get soaked easily and fast but takes forever to dry, not breathable etc etc. It's important to invest on some of these fast drying easy care type. Granted they are all not fashionable but hey I gotta prioritize. Can't have both. Probably need some shorts, underwear and socks of the travel category. Not cheap. Not cheap at all.

Money belt 
Security and safety is paramount - I have invested on a netting for my bag, locks, and stuff so this is the last item to get. Found some decent on in Subang airport but still unsure about the metal buckle. Prefer plastic so it's lighter and no issues getting through security.

Been going back and forth on which e-reader to get as I read alot and doesn't make sense to carry books with me. As usual, Malaysia doesn't carry ANY e-reader legally so it's either get one at a higher price or go with iPads. Decisions, decisions, decision....

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