Thursday, July 25, 2013

This is hard work part 2

 photo ada96b14-dcc7-455d-9dbf-4ed431c6cd28_zpsac8c60ed.jpg
A friend remarked that she see these boxes all the time when she's with me - well it's actually itinerary planner that I drew out myself based on the number of days that I will be holidaying around. I believe it started when I was planning my first major India trip. Then I used it as an outline for New Zealand as well.

Anything like 4 days/short weekend getaway thing don't need this and whoever said holiday is a breeze have seen nothing yet. Might sound like a Nazi but actually the timing is quite flexible but because it is such a short holiday without planning you might end up missing some nice spots and doing some nice stuff. Just go with the flow will only work if you are doing a RTW trip.


QUIK! said...

Working hard indeed

Mr Lonely said...

it is good to have some planning~ =)