Monday, September 17, 2012

A study in pink

Ah, yet another long weekend. What else can I say? Life is alright except the back ache is still bothering me, got it seen and getting better. I suppose one can't complain when there's so much going on and so much to be thankful about.

Sometimes life can be random and it's nice to do random things like out of the blue (no planning) having dinner with friends that are hard to get by in the middle of town, enjoying each another's company or buying things that you never account for and doing it for the first time.

Really can't complain. Going back to the pink topic, ordered a pink pants earlier last week and can't wait to try them on. Really feeling pink, almost inspired by the latest Pierre Balmain show in New York, so scroll down for the final pic by me, color by Balmain, pieces by Prada Spring Summer 2012 men and women's collection (btw, the tie is loose so bitch, please I know the correct length for it). You wouldn't believe how much I paid for those pink shorts years ago - RM50 bucks from Bangkok.






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William said...

I suddenly wanna sing Aerosmith's "Pink".