Friday, December 23, 2011

Looking back

Not really a bad year, not entirely I guess but like all things in life there is the high and then there's the low. I suppose with age and all, you just can't be as jolly as you should be now that you have to deal with many things that used to be so far far away. As another year approaches, it makes you think where have all the time went? Alot to sleeping and do nothing, that's for sure but no regrets there but alot went for work. And doing things that are of no substance or use.

But let's focus on the good, the year started off with the team winning back the account on pitch. I mean, we would be jobless if we lost it and won another big account as well. So alot of winning also meant alot of work which will hopefully translate to more bonuses. I think I should use the word - hopefully sparingly because I will make it happen.

Then there's alot of shopping and bags. I really lost count of the shit that I bought and sold and then buy again. But it's fun, it keeps me alive. Plenty of travelling, I guess good memories are the only thing that one can take with them to deathbed.

I also learnt alot from life - dealing with people and guys. It's exhausting to even type all this shit so fuck that shit, I will just do nothing from now on till next year. Let next year worry about next year and all the shit that comes with it.


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