Friday, October 28, 2011

I just got one thing to say....

H&M Singapore.


Too small. Not enough stuff. Crappy selection. Crappy prices.

Waste of time.


Don't be fooled by the hype and the 'paid' bloggers.

Of course my sister have to rub it in and told me the store on 5th Avenue is better. Right, I've never been to NYC. So the best so far for me was Hong Kong. UK wasnt bad but I couldn't remember, it's been too long.



William said...

I visited to three H&M stores in London. Overrated.

thompsonboy said...

then again, your taste is different to say the

Twilight Man said...

William is shopping queen! He knows best.

Vincent~ said...

well, the one in edinburgh sux, the store is huge, but the selections are meek at best. I always thought its a cheap brand to begin with, I don realise that it has so much hype in other countries @@

savante said...

It is kinda overrated :) BUt I"ve been to several stores and some good deals here and there. 70% discounts in Dubai haha.