Friday, June 17, 2011

The feeling

I must admit that I have been very lucky, to this I don't know who I owe it to apart from my parents the fact that I am able to see many places and travel all around without any need for financial stability and all in all, everything is taken care of. I am not in wants for anything apart from getting some shopping money prepared. And that my friend is just merely of wants and not really neccesary.

One of my earliest and fondest experience is with a country up North which made me convinced that I must have been a native there in my past life. I have since then continued to visit various provinces of that country and I love every sound, sight, smell of that place. That is of course till I visit another place, still North but a little further to the West. Seriously, it's the most wonderful place on earth.

I can know understand why Jolie love it so much. It's magnificent and beautiful, raw and yet old. I felt so right at home there and then. I must come back again. It's just a matter of time. That's the thing I love about travelling. Gave me room to dream, take my away from my mundane life and above it all, experience that I cannot put a price on to. Things will fade, you cannot bring your wealth or house to the grave. Memories is something that will last. The memories of the small but amazing cafes by the river on a hot day....hmmmm......



William said...

Cambodia... if I ever go I won't let the trip be over-powered by Angkor Wat.

thompsonboy said...

its all about Angkor Wat and Tonle Sap. Really.