Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stub it #2

I can't help but watch the video that has been circulating around my FB (I am not sure if everyone is turning liberal or that I have too many gay friends which I am sure I don't but aaaaanyway)and I have to say that despite everything, I don't like it at all.

Don't get me wrong and give me the "I am gay I am supposed to be supportive argument". I don't question the intent and content of the video but I am very much against the creative expression and execution. It's almost corporate bank/insurance commercial like, which makes it very ad-landish (a term used for the typical look and feel of ad which has become so generic like for eg: using good looking models only or in the past, pan asian). I wished it was more real. The passing of balloons, the pink shirts and come on, how many parents would be happy to see their son putting on makeup? They skipped all the dramas and go straight into happy days.

It's abit too Utopia and happy happy joy joy me...a better execution would be more gritty, it doesn't have to be harsh. I guess the only woman for this job is Yasmin Ahmad. Remember Funeral for Singaporean Ministry of Community Development? Then again not everyone can be Yasmin. Oh well. Good job. I wished it was better. That's all

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William said...

Singapore ma. Everything must look polished.