Thursday, May 05, 2011

Self respect

One other thing that I've noticed has changed when it comes to age is the 3 letter word - sex. As I was going through my diary, besides the usual thing that I've discovered about myself, I realised that I used to have so much more sex back then.

Now airing my panty in the public is not what I really want to do but let's face it, sex is important and everyone does it. Those who choose not to admit it is just lying but it's their choice. There's nothing wrong about keeping it personal nor being a prude, I am not against them!!! So going back to sex, someone did this text on me the other day:

Hey, do u mind meeting up even tho i think u r not my type? I'm horny...

Honestly that's the best revenge that one can get. After all it doesn't feel great being rejected by a) a person who didn't take the time to even get to know you and b) a person whom you weren't even really interested at the first place. So now I have the last laugh by just ignoring the text. After all, what kind of person would I be if I still go ahead and meet up with this fella for some bump and grind when he clearly told me twice that I am NOT his type? As much as I have no objection to sex, I think I have more self respect than that. I can go low when occasion requires me to do so but I won't go THAT low.

That's another thing about being older - you just want quality. It doesn't matter that sex comes once in awhile or in my case one year and a half before the ex. It's not about finding the right one (when it comes to sex) but it has feel right.


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William said...

Some people don't beat around the bush hor?