Friday, March 04, 2011

Really coming into a circle

I am serious and I think that I am right when I said previously that I have truly come full circle and really back at where I started. Albeit much older, sightly richer in terms of monetary and experience but everything else is the same. Maybe same ala same script different cast but not so much as time stood still kinda same. Let's recap:

1. I used to want alot of things, some of these things has changed (I'm classier now ok, no more Coach) and back then I've just stopped at want.
Now I want them and I buy them. That's the good thing about being old and working hard and actually having money

2. I used to be unhappy and uncertain about life and work
Now I have found a place to be happy, both life and work - for the longest time I am a happy single and have accepted myself for who I am and who I will be. In fact, I've plans for one. Not two. I have a career now and actually doing well. Not many are happy with their work and I am truly blessed in that department

3. Friends came and go
Friends still come and go but it's important to not take them or that moment of joy for granted because it will almost always never be the same again. From trips to tours, pubs to clubs...I was and am blessed by all of them. But there are still those who sticks around. I heart em!!!

4. When it comes to love, I wasn't unsure, hoping and wishing
But for the longest time, I stopped looking. It's like I almost gave up (quote unquote). But I have never complained or down because if that. Plenty to learn from every experience of falling for someone and falling out. I now know that I do want to love again. If possible. Else, it's just as fine.

Looking back, I felt that I have achieved and experienced quite abit of life and I wouldn't regret anything if I were to die tomorrow. I've done most of the things I really want to do and the rest and thereafter is and will be a bonus.

I think life is truly worth-living when you have nothing to lose.
So here I am.
Starting all over again.

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