Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So as some of you might be aware, I was or rather still am in the process of helping HIM find a job and something did crop up albeit not the greatest thing on earth but still good.

I've never imposed upon HIM to take anything that I helped source but rather asked HIM to choose whats best and right for HIMSELF. But I was quite pissed when a contact asked me why HE didn't reply when HE promised to do. I thought HE would go and negotiate on some of the terms and HE didn't. In the name of BUSY. It's not the first time I heard that excuses before. Took HIS time to send out the resume etc. I mean seriously DUDE, where are your priorities? Busy with what you may ask? Busy with either HIS current crappy job (which btw, HE never needs to work beyond 7.30 and it's crappy so why bother?)or entertaining this or that friend. Don't get me started on the friends or the social life or the gym.

Anyway, it's all whatever to me now. I've stuck my neck out for HIM and the least HE could do is not make me look bad.

Truly waste of my time.


nicky05 said...

there's always a reason behind all this. may be tried to confront him and speak ur best intention of doing this for him.

kidz said...

frankly, busy is not an excuse to not call back to cancel or postpone, its just an email or call.. anyway, it really doesnt sound like he care much, its his own career and responsibilty, and opportunity and luck are for people who are prepared... not just sitting there waiting.. there r other people who deserves it better in that case.

Takashi said...

you done your part =)