Tuesday, March 08, 2011

All for rainy days

As I was saying about how things doesn't really change - it's basically same shit but different ass got me thinking about my spending habit. No matter how much I've grown and earn, there never seem to be enough. There is always the constant craving for more and more.

The only difference is that I exercise more restrain as I get older. I mean money will always come in, month in and month out but time will eventually run out and then what? The only thing sadder than an old gay man is a poor old gay man. Besides, one gotta maintain the lifestyle, no? It just amazes me how people just throw their caution into the wind and buy first, charge it and think later. I can never do that. As much as say for example I want this or that item...I do think about it for awhile just to be sure if I want it. More often than not, by the time I decides to pull the plunge, usually sold out or out of size. Which isn't a bad thing.

One really need to think about saving money more seriously. I started one or two years back but I need to be really serious about it. I used to be able to save more even back then when I earn so much more lesser and hence there is no excuse but park those greens aside. No bags for me for now....boo hoo!

Photo credit: Hal Bergman Photography

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nicky05 said...

seriously sold all your bags.:P