Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where the hell have I been?

So it has been 3 weeks of non stop work and through the weekends and one public holiday. Was so tired until I find it tiresome to think about anything other than "I wanna sleep" or "fuck this shit". It's not as though this happens everyday or all the time but sometimes you just want it to end and thank God it ended yesterday.

Well, sort of. There will be a presentation by end of this work for the work that we have done and then wait for results. I am trying to keep my fingers cross and nonchalant about it but this will indirectly determine a lot of things for my future, career wise of course.

But it's all done and submitted so there's nothing much one can talk about other than what to do next? I missed my big birthday because of work and now I am trying to perk up and think about what and how I will celebrate it...not in the mood yet but who knows. Next week will be Lunar Chinese New Year...so maybe a long holiday after that. For now, it's just sleep and chill.

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