Sunday, November 23, 2008

Deja Vuuuuuuu

Life is very much a game of chance and luck all thrown in together. It has alot to do with the right timing and plenty of good karmas. And I guess it's the time of the cycle when everyone is thrown into bad karma and all I ever read about is this cringe worthy phrase called credit crunch. Ughh, call it recession or shit cycle but something as nasty as that shouldn't sound so fancy.

Holiday is somewhat over for me when I was given an internal circular on how to manage and sell during time of recession and like all idiots out there will tell you, next year will be tough and the first thing they will cut off is A&P since consumers are more likely to spend using their mind and not their heart. But that's a very wrong move and it's up to us to convince client to do otherwise. And here I am thinking about my Christmas present list and what color scheme to use for decos.

Management doesnt want to mantain the same billings that we have for this year, as it is only natural and make business sense to have a small percentage of growth for next year. It would be great if we could even maintain it as per this year and they are asking for growth? Hmm....I am depressed already and I want to shop. But nooooo....I can't shop because there are bills to be paid and money to be saved for the tough times ahead.

Really made me wonder how some of the bloggers out there can continue to be more exhorbitant in their spending. I mean like hellooo, I worked until 11pm last week so I need to reward myself by getting a 4K bag? I mean even I am not that shallow or was it jealous talking? Guess we only see on the surface but who knows what's going on behind - they could be part time millionaire or kept mistress or simply mounting debts or really doing very well. As for myself, I am glad that I kinda lowered my so called standards in things and really go for one or two quaint pieces now and then and I have my eyes set on these babies.

Somehow, it kinda reminded me of an old post which I did on some Paul Smith shoes that have embroided flowers all around. And man...I used to post quite alot of pictures too and these days I shop more but post less. Oh well. Anyway, it's like around 25 quid which is alright but I am indecisive about getting it. It's going to be a crucial couple of days ahead. If the storm passes over, I might survive it without abusing my credit card else I might just succumb to buying it as my size is still available.

And btw, I am not jumping into the cheap bandwagon since Gucci launched their tattoo heart/cruise collection, I mean like helloo..everyone knows that Ed Hardy has been doing that for shoes and stuff for some time now and cammo is nothing new before LV even took it on board. Funny to see how these so called bigger brands are actually ripping off the street wear.


savante said...

Hey tb, put up a pic of the Christmas tree!

William said...

Tak susah ke buying shoes without trying it on? Or you do?

thompsonboy said...

Beli aje....