Monday, January 22, 2007

The single journey

It seems crazy that post Sex and The City, there are still shows that try to so called empower woman and tell the world that it's ok to be single, there's nothing wrong about being single and single can be really fabulous.

Of course I am trying to drum that to my head on a daily basis and truth to be told, it's not as pretty and as cute as those stuff you watch on TV. So, as a single 20something, the usual routine in your life would be flipping channels and what do you stumble upon late at night? Rubbish show.

Miss Anne(al) Heche aka One Day I Like Cock, Another Day I like Carpet Munching, Now I want Cock.

Take "critically aclaimmed" actress Miss Annoying here in her so called show written by one of the writer from Sex and The City (obviously a show this stale can be only written by woman. Micheal Patrick King and Darren Star was the mastermind behind the glamour for Sex). She came across just as annoying as Miss I Fall Everyday aka Teri Hatcher's dimwit character from Housewives and to set the record straight/gay, single people are not as stupid, pathetic and dumb as potrayed. Hell, the whore Edie is so much more stronger - she go and get what she wants and she does that with style. We might not have a man but we can still find our centre of gravity and not fall over everything.

Anyway, there the ex dyke went in an episode where she finally realised that it's okay to be single (helloooooo, what took you so long?), they have this so called empowering music at the background, she walked out, act all now I am strong shit, uttered a few Hallmark quotes and then we see falling stars.

*puke bin alert*

But where is the empowering when theres a not so subtle hint of romance at the loom (stupid shows always do this, first they have a single girl, then they drop hints) in the form of this really ugly man?

Money fall from sky, ugly man comes from bad shows

It makes the so called being single more tolerable because at the end, we will know she will nabbed herself a redneck and live happily over after. What rubbish!!! So you can be single and fabulous only when you know there's romance in the corner. What about making a show where you don't know what's going happen next in real life? What happened to real life?

Where's the modern Darcy when you need one?

Well, no wants real life it seems. American (not all, but majority) just want syrup endings. Remember how they added the puke inducing scene where Lizzie went oh darling with Darcy at the end Pride and Prejudice (2005 film) as opposed to the UK version where the movie just ended there at Mr Bennet's room? And people don't understand why I rather watch UK sitcoms.

Oh, being single is tolerable even if you don't have perfect hair, tendency to switch sexual preferences and ugly man looming at the corner. The perk is that you don't know whats coming. Could be something. Could be nothing. Well, they don't call being gay as alternative lifestyle for nothing. There is more to life than getting hitched and getting babies and fat. You can have money to travel, see the world, experience things that these attached people never get to do.

I am pledging to bring sexy back to single. And with style too. *fierce pose*

Carrie and the gang might be bitching about men all the time but at least they did it with style. Single girl's boyfriend - killer shoes


savante said...

Nothing like being single and proud of it! :) Go forth in your Manolos!

JL said...

*cheer on

Las montañas said...

yeah!! lets see you do it! *proud of Daniel* :)