Thursday, January 11, 2007

Oh the horror!

With the hike in toll collection, many of us not only suffer in terms of monetary but also in spirits. The lines are longer now as compared to what it was used to, something which I predicted. No, not because the numbers of them going through toll is higher but thanks to the rate of 1.60, there's change involved. Back in those days, anyone can just throw a dollar and pass it with breeze. Getting the exact amoun in coins in difficult and taking back changes takes more time and extra effort from the collector and all in all, despite adding more collectors, the lines are longer and I am getting pissed.

To add to the injury, the existing Touch N Go lanes, at least one has been converted to cash and card as well which means you will be stucked behind those lazy, couldn't care less bastards who wants to pay in cash. When all the toll collection system was first handed to to Touch N Go, one of the promise made was in the future, all lanes will be converted to card only to ease traffic. However this is still yet to be implemented and only encourages lazy bastards to continue with their cash habits. Back when Litrak (the company who handles the LDP Highway) was handling the collection, everything was great. You have your proper lanes (no cash!!!) and you don't need to fork out 100+ just to get the device. Now, you have to pay for that damn device and stuck behind bastards. It takes no genius to figure out that one of many reasons why Touch N Go is handling all the collection is political or in plain terms - sure got something under the table or connections.

Now, I have nothing against that because nothing in the world is fair. Bribery or priorities given to Bumiputeras has existed hand in hand with Malaysia. We are 50 years old now. I also have nothing against Bumiputeras but they have to admit that they can really get away with murder just as I will gladly admit that most DVD sellers are Chinese. It's not a race thing I am against, it's the fact that one is classed as second class citizen just because he or she is not Bumi. Come on, do you think they would select a Chinese or Indian man to go to space? The first spaceman from Malaysia, have to be Malay lar! This is not to discredit Malay also, cause I am sure there are some of them who really work hard, smart and got to where they are due to their own effort. But sadly, their achievement is tarnished by the Gov's policy of giving priority to them.

And what do they do with it? Go out midnight and ride in bike. They can easily enter any Uni and get any white collar job in any Gov dept, have breakfast at 10, tea a few times day and leave at 4.30 without even working half as hard as other races. Makes me scared to be served by local Malay doctors or lawyers. But the thing is, ignoring all the goods that are given to them, they choose to 'rempit'. My poor dear friend Pam was 'robbed' recently and will they ever locate what was stolen, never. These ppl will go out, rob somemore and then cash it in to fix their bikes. Don't you just love this country? A mental note to be more careful in the near future, one can't be too careful. So I really have to stop walking like a crack whore with my man bag and my blings and smoke. Need to look around, walk as fast I can to my car and leave all the Guccis at home. Even home is not safe, sometimes.

Did I also mentioned one of the headline which I saw today on a Malay daily? Apparently farmers are complaining that they are going to be doomed if Gov decides to import rice from the States because it's cheaper. Instead of bucking up (we all know AGES ago that our country has not been producing enough of those grains and have been relying on more hardworking neighbous), they demand this and that to protect their already overly protected arses. Take that as an initiative and get back to the dirt la ppl!!!

But goverment will be goverment and people will be people. Nothing you can do to change things. Just like how our local movies are. I was out yesterday with Cookie and we have been talking about spooky encounters that the lady had. It makes me wondered, a country as rich as ours, with unique history and all and we can't come out with a decent horror movie. Take our neighbour, Thailand for example...they have been coming out with decent stuff, so why are we lagging badly behind? Don't give me the bullshit about how Pontianak won this and that award. Sorry Suhaimi Baba but anyone who has been out of Kelantan can see that it was crap. I don't know why but Malaysian movies seems to have a problem with story continuity. Things just doesn't flow and you ended up feeling that there's just something wrong - either with the plot or how the story is told. And Maya Karin's award winning (cough) acting is just as good as her Celcom billboard (those who don't understand my kind of 'humour', cardboard acting, geddit? geddit?)

Back to horror stories, everyone who was educated here locally can tell you this or that spooky details about their schools and why has no one taken that and put it into a movie? A search on the internet will reveal alot of stories of sightings on the freeway, Genting or this or that old mansion. Hell, we can even produce our version of Twilight Zone or Tales from the Crypt? For any changes in our country we have to dream on, besides I guess everyone is more interested making another Akademi Fantasia than anything else.


JL said...

Boleh not that boleh after all sigh...

Last Mon morning, a good friend of mine became a snatch-theft victim. Apart from a few minor bruises and some mental scars, she's alright. 'Even home is not safe' why lar?

thompsonboy said... break in?

Las montañas said...

lol! ranting ranting ranting.

The grass always greener on the other side.

But I have to agree Thailand is catching up/caught up on many areas. For example, their agriculture exports/industry has gone way ahead, so is their service/hotel/spa industry which the island down south is trying to be the leader.

William said...

Maybe BNM will issue MYR1.60 denominations... hahaha

thompsonboy said...

thats a good idea!!!

Jon said...

Sometimes, I think by being the non-Bumi, the non-Bumi advance more when they know they have less help. They work harder. My theory.

Anyway, did you catch that local tv show on the haunted places? Nope, they did not have any scientific radar, or wave or anything. Just put some bystanders in the creepy bungalow, and waited for these chickened out people to scream, and then, ask them why.. and whatever that was shared, I wondered - if that was the fear talking only.