Tuesday, December 26, 2006

3 S's

Today was indeed what I would call a real holiday - just doing nothing but sleep and plenty of food in between. Woke up at 10 just in time to swallow down some food before hitting the bed again followed by lunch and then some TV and food again. All that I done in the comfort of my own house and pajamas. I thought it would have been complete if I were to restrain myself from writing but hey this is no work at all since I have always spent 4 days doing pratically nothing but nursing myself back to health from the party the other day and also been out seeing friends who came back for the holidays or friends who finally can't use work as an excuse not to meet up.

It was on Christmas morning after breakfast (out of course) with the family that I saw something so disturbing on the road. My sister practically stopped her car because everyone else was, just to avoid killing this silly looking dog, prancing around the LDP. Far away, I saw a car stopped by the side with some silly looking people coming out from it and immediately I connected the both. The silly dog must have jumped out from the car as the stupid owner took it out for a ride. Knowing how dangerous it is to wind down the window for the dog to "have fresh air", they did exactly that. We didnt stay long enough on the road to see if the stupid and reckless owners managed to rescue their dog but it was really really stupid of them. As much as I don't care about dogs (they are born stupid for a reason) but what the owner's excuse? God didn't give them brains not to think...next time they want to take handbag dogs out for a ride, it should be in a fab Gucci tote or the custom LV ones. Else those pest should be confined home.

Imagine my surprise when a certain news have reached my ears of late. Burnt my ears it did because I just couldn't stomach such thing. Now, I may be many things and prude is certainly not one of them. I draw a certain line and strive to be a good human being (God knows how I failed) but even this way beneath me. A certain girlfriend of mine who is highly educated, working in some foreign country and drawing high salary was said to report her phone missing when it wasn't, just to claim for another. The phone which would cost what...1-2K is reportly for her sister who is another highly educated cow, drawing just as high of salary, with property and car to her name. I mean, anyone who went to college would probably hear reports of how minging Malaysian students behaved themselves overseas, claiming this and that lost just to make a gain.

I remembered someone told me that they even identified Malaysian as the highest among those who reported lost but unsure if they banned Malaysian for subscribing to their plan. These people certain give us Malaysian a bad name. To me right, good honest benefits such as insurance are they to help and protect those who are in a bit of mess and would need all the help that they can - if they were robbed or something. But knowing us Malaysian, we would abuse everything under the sun. And these are not wet market aunties that we are talking about but highly educated people with high salary. Well, I figure there's a reason why I will never be rich, I am not careful with my money and I do pray hard that I will never go so low but I have to confess, it is tempting, benefits just standing out there for you to take advantage of.

Later in the afternoon on Christmas day, I was still out and of all the people, I bumped into Mr Scot. Or rather, since I saw him, I walked up and say hi to him. We did indeed had some history but nothing too significant. Well, it's been more than a year and he didn't call. Not that I expect anything anymore even with the close proximity and silly coincidences. But he have to choose to ruin my Christmas by just simply appearing there. He's a reminder of things that I never had and even though it was nothing (he was rude as usual) but there's a certain je ne sais quoi about him that keep my heart beating really hard and cheek flushing whenever I see him. God, I need to stop this silliness, he would most likely think that I am a pest so I've decided that I shall ignore him the next time I see him again (which is very likely). This is the best time to make new resolutions and also to look back at better and bigger things.

It is exactly one year since I took the leap of faith and had my first interview at a big agency. I didn't get the job at the end but it was certainly a start. Can't believe it has been a year now. Speaking of resolution, good God, I will be turning 26 soon and my shelf life is drawing to an end soon. I told myself that I would need to do something quick and drastic before I turn 27 and still remain single. Oh well...I have a sneaky feeling that as usual, I talk more than I do when it comes to the matter of the heart. It's all so silly, really.


Buaya said...

Hey... Relax... Have less expectations and you will be able to find the Mr Right. :) Sometimes he is just around you waiting for you to 'discover' him... :)

Oh, Happy Holidays, handsome boy! :)

JL said...

Ain't that great, just bumming around and do nothing the whole day *bliss*

1st The idiot shoud be shot on the spot for committing such idiotic crime. WTH was the fella thinking, endangering the life of an ignorant lil animal(wanted to use the word 'innocent' but macam tak jadi) and also other road users. Really stupid

2nd O_o it really makes me wonder why people like them carried out such act. Is it really worth it? what happened to earnestness, honesty & trust? *sigh*

3rd *pats back* like you said, he is jerk. Forget about him and move on with your life dude. You'll eventually find the MM you have been searching all this while :P

apology for my lengthy comment cheers :)

William said...

Did the gnomes come?!

savante said...

Someday your prince will come :)

And Malaysians and reporting things stolen just to get compensation? SIgh. Reminds me of Malaysians who go around returning clothes they have worn the night before.

Anonymous said...

what's going to happen when you are 27 and single?

envy said...

hey baby...missed u really...and now that im back...i dont wanna find u sad or down...im not in love or with someone...and its been more than a year now...i really wish u all the best of everything u wish for the coming year...im here 4 u....im 27 and single...envy

Las montañas said...

wow, envy those sleep-ins. sleeping undisturbed for more than 10 hours, you really feel good don't you?

happy new year!

czechOUT said...

yup, 27's a depressing age. I stuck at it until I was 32!


Ynot said...

Actually, wait until you reach 30. you soon realise 40 is still young. I have met people in their 40s and think...wow...I hope to be that young when I turn 40.

Happy 2007!