Thursday, November 09, 2006

what is the point

I was looking for some article online for some research work, reading the sensation news on Malaysian's new hobby of blowing people into pieces and found this crap. Thank you, The Star!

Mongolian students express shock

PENANG: Mongolian students here are shocked by the brutal murder of 28-year-old Mongolian freelance model Altantuya Shaariibuu.

"We do not know her but we are shocked to learn about her murder. We are also scared," said Dorj Solongo, 23, when met at a college here.

Ermm...point number one, you are not alone when it comes to being shocked. Any form of murder are shocking unless of course our society has graduated into some cold and heartless zombies who are so immune to suffering, crime and killings. Wait a minute we are but this case is sensational and yes, we do not know her as well. No one so stupid (like you) would have expected you to know her just because you are from the same country. Like how stupid people assumed that you will be perfect to be introduced to their hairdresser just because we are both gay. Being Mongolian doesn't make you anymore or less shock.

Second point would be, what the fuck do you have to be scared of? Are you remotely related to the victim? Have you been messing around with someone? Is this a hate/racial crime? So just because one Mongolite is killed, you suddenly feel the urge to be scared? As if we Malaysian suddenly developed this new craving to go around killing Mongolians for fun? Stupid people should be reframed from being interviewed. In fact, any reporter who interview stupid people is stupid to begin with. Any editor who allow this piece of crap disguised as new to be out in the street is just as stupid. There are just way too much stupid people in the world. I use the word much, because seriously, I totally lost count of stupidity cases.

I have nothing against woman on the road but some woman are just, well WOMAN. I am glad to say most girls I know are daredevils in their past life because they will never be like those dumb bitches who hog the road, right lane naturally. And yes, Miss Chicken Shit will drive like 60miles away from the nearest car. I think it's fine if you want to play it safe and all, no one will blame you (only laugh at you at most) but why must they be on the right lane? It's bitches like these that are contributing to traffic jam. These bitches have plenty of trick to piss me off. I can write a whole book on them.

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Today, I wore my fabulous braces to work and caused a sensation nevertheless. I admit that it's a rather daring fashion risk but hey, isn't that life's all about? The thing with wearing something out of the ordinary=boring is that people tend to look at you as if you came from Mars. I was so worried that one of the stupid clip will just snap because that bloody material is so flimsy. Okay, so I was being cheap and bought a cheap one but hey, I aint spending 150 bucks on a good quality one. Hell no. I think I will get one from ebay.

They just don't sell good quality things like braces, waistcoats here at affordable prices. And I am really into those things, like french cuffed shirts and cuff links. Those really classic and masculine stuff. Hey, I don't go parading around in tight pink t shirts all the time, besides I am too fat and pregnant to fit into one anyway. I think I looked preggers in my white shirt and pinstrip pants today. Oh, I hate my "child"!!!!

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William said...

Don't worry about "being with child", you'll go into labour sooner or later. And smoking mothers carry a higher risk of miscarriage!

Anonymous said...

the fact that you write about the dumb crap piece of news does that make you dumb'er' and the fact that i talk about you writing that piece of dumb crap makes me blond'er' than paris? omg!

Buaya said...

Escue me... Pardon the suakyu crocodile... What are braces? :/

Buaya said...

Oops, meant to type 'suaku'... how come turned out 'suakyu'?? :p

thompsonboy said...

braces is what they call in Motherland aka UK what they call suspenders in US as per the picture at the bottom for this post

Las montañas said...

hey, would you be still wearing those braces after work? san shirt? ;)

oh yah, woman drivers..especially those that drive a big MPV and hog the right lane! gimme a break!

Buaya said...

Ooo... I guessed as much... Sometimes, these braces or suspenders can make a guy look better... ;)

Women drivers! Ha!... We all have a fair share of encounters with them!... Dun get me started... Hahaha... :p

Sam said...

Well said! Well said!

*standing ovation*