Saturday, November 11, 2006

Just to air things out


So like yesterday I went to this award show for radio ads and it was all right. Actually it was boring as hell. It’s bad enough not to win anything (expected since we didn’t many submission) so we spend the night watching Naga DBB cough*mediaawhore*dirtymoney*cough, Interface (of course they won all on Xpax which of course the account taken away from us) and AMP going up the stage. It’s not much of a deal of us creative agencies but rather the thing for broadcaster. It’s time to slap each another’s back for all the media money that they have gathered especially true with AMP acting as a agency, from writing scripts to free recording for them. After all, they already have the radio personality free to be used. And they always give client what they want. Is it always a good thing? Well, things are changing and creative agencies can’t stop them. Everyone’s out to make money. Radio has always been one of the categories of many things that we do and I have not done much of radio in my advertising career. The main award event (which is something that I look forward to) would be on 24th. I am very sure we will have at least a few wins. Will would be happy to know his infamous FWAAAAH radio ad didn’t win anything (either that or it wasn’t submitted) for BBDO. They (BBDO) won some for Hotlink.

Mr. Wrong Didn’t Get It Right

Well, Mr. Wrong texted me yesterday asking me how I was and if I was busy during the award show. So I was like hello! Didn’t I tell him that I have a function to attend to? -_- In fact he did asked me out yesterday which I politely declined. I said perhaps we could do something for the weekend. Perhaps. So come Friday morning, another text saying maybe we should go shopping since he wanted to get this and that and this. -_-

Not stopping there, he called me this morning right smack at 9. Good grief! No one. Absolutely no one sane would call an ad person on a Saturday morning at 9 unless it’s life or death situation and he did that. -_-

The thing is I don’t mind being a friend and getting to know him more but I think he’s just abit on the pushy side. I am so getting bad karma for ignoring him because I do know how it felt to be on the other side of the fence. However I don’t go texting my victim day in and day out or pressuring them to go out with me. Anyhow if it’s filled with effort then one should already know that the other party is not interested. It’s sooooooo hard to be nice and not hurt other’s feelings but sometimes I think it just can’t be helped. Am I a mean bitch? I am so getting bad karma for this.

A matter of race and more

As usual, with all Saturdays, I don’t like to wake up and early and enjoy having my breakfast pondering the newspaper. Another dumb thing said/done by some stupid minister/ministry. Really, I do honestly believe that imbeciles run the country. It is true that because the darn government are so gung-ho about protecting the Malays that they go all out to make life easier for them. No need for Form 6 and all the easy access for them to do Law and Medicine. I am sure there are some who are not like that but they are too few in to mention. Instead, they have a quota system for other races who obviously are much better and deserving students. So out to the world they come out, not knowing a word of English, operating your mother, sister and brothers and giving them wrong medicines. If the corporate world doesn’t see them fit to be hired, they will always retreat back to their mother’s pouch – governmental departments are more than happy to take them.

Can you imagine these incompetence people running and making laws for the country? That is why we have stupid law and enforcers that churn out stupid generations. So the latest stupid thing which I read was RTM banning any production that have mixed BM. Now, BM itself or any language for that matter is not and never will be pure. Culture and languages evolves over time and that’s how things are. It is especially difficult to control that process if we are a multilingual nation. I think that is what makes us special. Can you imagine watching a drama series where everyone speaks textbook BM? The standard of local production is bad enough and doing this won’t help to add realism into their film or drama.

Since I am on drama and shows, I did caught abit of the Amazing Race, Asia edition. So there isn’t any cute or interesting guys save for two ugly obviously faggots from Sri Lanka but the main problem that I have with that show is, it’s more Caucasian than Asia. I mean rep from Thailand is a Caucasian couple and the pair from Hong Kong looked like anything but Hong Kong. So Asia is a changing landscape and we are more mixed than ever before but I couldn’t help but suspect that they purposely seek out or select these people for production value, just like how ESPN/local content have Caucasian here and there. I do admit that it is after all ENGLISH premier leagues but seriously though, I bet we have more Asian here in Malaysia than Caucasian right? So why the front seat for them? Having said that, I have no problems with them. I especially love the texture of Caucasian hair. They like ours just as well because Asian’s hair are softer but oooh, the feeling of holding on to their hair while you trust their face into your mouth and mmmm……


William said...

Thank goodness that "Fwaaah" ad didn't win anything. Unless of course the ad industry has a equivalent of the "Golden Raspberry". Then that would be a different case.

Seems that Mr. Chinko very aggressive. He'll wear you down. :D

These days, the actor and actresses in ads look..... I can't put my finger on it. Neither this nor that. They look pretty (especially hair ads), but can never tell the ethnicity.

Anonymous said...

maybe all the asian gone away and foreigners come over. besides every city has got its own chinatown. i guess it shows the asian are everywhere out there too.

here's a russell peters's joke. the whole world is mixing you see.

QUIK! said...

omg gurl, so much dirty laundry to air this sat morn1!!!!

nyonyapenang said...

all said, i think you and mr wrong tak ada jodoh la.

akihisa said...

I was just thinking the same thing. Shouldn't Amazing Race: Asia be represented by Asians?!! However, it would be interesting to see how the Asians compared to the Western teams in the comptetition.

Ooh, the guy from the Hong Kong team was kinda hot with his HUGE pecs and broad shoulders. Almost took my attention away from cutie-pie Allan Wu. ;p

Btw, thanks for coming by my blog!! :)

JL said...

After a while, i presume Mr. Wrong will definitely get it. If not... he is one super blur-like-sotong sesat kes. You are not mean, just realistic & nothing's wrong with that. Cheers

Derek said...

Hi Daniel

Award shows are only interesting if you win something right? LOL

I know, sometimes we have to be mean to be kind. Hope Mr Wrong gets the message soon ...

Do win something on the 24th, yeah!