Wednesday, November 29, 2006

a few things you should know in order to share the roads with me

#1 Do not fucking drive like a fucking old maid with 5 headed dildo up your ass if you choose to stay on the right lane
Yes, I fucking mean it. If you want to do that, it's all fine with me. But you don't fucking do that on the third lane and people have things and places to rush to. BITCH!

And when I come behind you and flashed and tailed your fucking ass...I mean it. MOVE BITCH!

#2 When you are fucking stupid to get into an accident, be kind. GET THE FUCK OFF THE ROAD
Instead of getting everyone involved. It's fucking 10pm. I am tired. I worked all day. I just want to go home. Not crawl for 5 miles.

You get into accident. You don't come out to the road and get fucking kill and talk talk talk. You and the other idiot drive as far away as possible. No hon, the third lane on a flyover is NOT good enough. If cannot settle, quick quick go police station. Best place to settle.

#3 If you are fucking lazy to fucking get a fucking TouchNGo or SmartTag then get the fuck off
Yes, the morning is too early without my morning ciggie. I don't need you idiots to clog my road. If you know you don't have the above mentioned then go away as far as possible from those lanes. No fucking do a 90 degrees turn and block everyone's way.
We don't fucking spend time to apply for those things and top up the credit consistently to be blocked by you arsehole fucking bugger!

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William said...

Cranky, cranky. Not been using the LDP to get home for quite some time. I guess I can continue not to for the time being?

Anonymous said...

see what happens when something is unkind to you and everything start to fall like domino. so i guess be nice to each another!

starting from daniel's boss to daniel then daniel can be kind to other drivers. so other drives can be kind to their family not whinging about what happened on the road!

Las montañas said...

Omg! that is a very frustrated Daniel! But if the F#$@ing in the third lane is a truck, what would u do?

savante said...

God, I must have come from the frustrated Daniel school of driving since I curse and swear at the same things!

Hey is that the return of the ciggie?

William said...

The ciggie never left. :D