Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Why do we like to write?

I have been going around, talking about this and that about blogs with my son of late and it seems quite funny that one of the things that connected us together at the beginning were our blogs. We have spent years of our lives in the same circle but never actually having met each another. Till now that is.

But the question remains, why do we like to write? Why is it as gay men, we have this desire in all of us to express ourselves be it love, hate, happiness, sadness, hopes and fears, ambitions and heart-ache? Do we secretly hope that somewhere out there, someone will read it and connect to us? Is it because it helps and make the hard times better once expressed out in words and paragraphs? Or is it because that's the only we know how?

Whatever it is, writing certainly makes good reading materials esp when you look back and cringe at the stuff expressed and go - ugh!

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William said...

When I read old posts, I am reminded how bad my memory is.