Monday, February 22, 2016

The negative of them all

The break that I took from writing and also from just being with anyone other than my friends and sexual encounters have served me well. It gave me time to think and also see how other's are doing and sometimes I wish I could bitch slap the hell out of some people. Esp gay people and their indulgence in the ugly art of self pity. And all because of one or two episodes of heartbreak and they so called lost the love of their life. Or will never find love again. This coupled with carefully selected soundtrack and song. Anyone who uses that term to begin with will spell trouble. Need to get those silly romantic storybook notion slapped out of their head.

Relationships can be fun but it's not an easy thing. Sometimes it work, sometimes it doesn't. I have yet to encounter any that is working for myself but I don't go around feeling sorry for myself that I lost my one great love thinking that it would never happen again. What I do want to never happen again is probably some of the people I dated but that's another story. Heh. To be honest, I go by thinking that I might or might not meet another guy and that's ok. I also go by slowly letting go of my past and my ex knowing full well that I am 35, still young and able and still have alot to offer and put my trust in what the future might unfolds. Meanwhile it's all about new experiences and making the most of it.

Getting out from a relationship also means you learn to be better at it. Learn to not make the same mistakes all over again. I've learnt to let go of things, be more patient and understanding and above all channel my love and affection in small bite sizes that the other person can take. I am the type that love big and give alot and that might not be for everyone. Sure, I do get hurt alot in the process but it's something that while I don't wish to happen again yet prepared for.

If all these negative experience are nothing more than just roadblocks that takes you back then maybe it's ok to start all over at zero. The key to everything is the willing to try and try again because the possibility of finding love will outweighs the risk of getting hurt.

I am risk taker when it comes to my heart. Are you?

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