Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Being happy in Sofia

Current Location: Cluj Napaco, Romania

So it was my last day in Sofia, never in my life I'd imagine that I will be there, I don't even know anything about this country. From 4 days, it's been extended to more than a week. I was sad and almost teary eyed to leave all the nice people and this beautiful country behind. And to think that I could have missed all this if I stay put where I was. I could have easily be spending my life inside four walls, typing away on my computer, online shopping and then beer o'clock and planning yet another short trip to compensate for long term employment suffering and boredom. Is that really life?

Anyway, I digress - the city was ok though most people don't think too much about it - I like it because it's small and has tons of parks. I also managed to go up to the mountains and visited the Stara Planina which was nice and very secluded. Hiked for two hours with my 10kg backpack alone with virtually no one around will definitely go into the list of the most incredible things that I've done.

From the generous Couchsurfing hosts to ladies cheering me when I wobbled on a bicycle to the kids laughing at me, it was really an experience of a lifetime. We got into some problems which I will not be bothered to talk about, I mean after all what's the point when it's all over and done with but that ended up good anyway.

There was also a lot of kind people at the hostel whom I managed to hang out with at 10 Coins Sofia, it was a little out of the city but just two metro stops away but boy that was a good thing. The first hostel that I stayed in was kinda like a party hostel where people just want to desperately hang out with each another - it's the same old usual travellers' tale and the clichés are all there - rowdy Aussies, traveling Brit birds with their mullet skirt and bags bigger than their body, hippie old guy who obviously done this for way too long and badly need to get rid of the dreadlocks etc etc.

But 10 Coins was fantastic because people are kinda normal - well as normal as they can be since they are usually all long term travelers anyway. We were a bunch of mishmash - long term Hongkie who stayed there for a month, motorbike Spanish planning his routes from Europe to China on land, the funny Bulgarian owner who traveled a lot and of course the eccentric Englishman helping out in exchange for boarding.

So to all that and also a special boy, I will miss you all.

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Twilight Man said...

I could see the fun and life you got meeting up with real humans! You should write a book of your journey and such books with lovely photos could sell abroad easily. Better than reading fictions.