Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Onwards to Greece

Current Location: Middle of Aegen Sea heading to Santorini, Greece

What can I say, it's amazing feeling to be on my way to visit one of the world's most popular island, Santorini that appeared in virtually almost every damn bucket and top 10/20/50 must see/visit/romantic/expensive list ever out there. The truth of the matter is that while you only see the sea-scapes and the blue top white street postcard perfect pictures, someone in the process somehow forgotten to mention that getting there is less than romantic.

First thing first, you need to figure out your options between taking a ferry (cheaper) or flying over there. The former takes up to 8 hours depending on the speed and price. I went for the cheaper (€38 one way) but less rocky ferry even though the faster and faster here being just relative is still 5 hours. Won't even talk about flights because of the price during summer but that saves you tons of time, a mere hour.

Being on budget and traveling long term, it's really tiring trying to get from point A to point B and I am not complaining here. I am extremely lucky to be able to do this, slightly choking as I write this because I felt like this is what I wanted to do all my life without realising it - hours and days spent watching travel and the likes of NatGeo and Discovery channel never thinking one day perhaps I will be able to see things for myself.

I tried not to build myself up so high in case I get disappointed by things but most of the time I won't, there's always a surprise somewhere somehow when you are traveling. It's not going to be cheap and I am bracing myself and my wallet for it. It's a once in a lifetime experience, no?

Greece is amazing even if you are just visiting Athens. Who knew there's such a vibrant nightlife here. I spent my time walking up and down the streets where all the cafés and bars are buzzing with the sound of beautiful people laughing and chattering away with the backdrop of lighted up Acropolis. Musician on the street singing a foreign tune and young couples kissing on the footsteps of an Orthodox Church while I draw in the scent of jasmine flower growing from the apartment above. The ancient sites are amazing enough in the day time but when the sun comes down, it takes on a whole different persona. Everyone said Italy or Budapest is the place to go but this place is beautiful to stand on its on.

Wished someone have told me this before, why have I waited this long to be here? Maybe it's a good thing that I am doing this at this age when I can truly appreciate the little things in life. Well, thousand of years of history is hardly little. Even though I can barely afford to be eating what more hanging out there at night, somehow I secretly wished I have my friends or someone with me to share all this beautiful things with.

It has only been 2 hours and there's 6 more to go. I just can't wait.

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