Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Catching up on Cappadocia

Current Location: Athens, Greece

My God, I am so behind updates that it is no longer funny. I took a really nice overnight bus from Istanbul to Goreme and you might not think much of Turkey's transportation but damn it's good - free tea/coffee with water and cake. There's entertainment, every seat fitted with a small monitor and free WiFi!

The reason why I am so behind is that I had too much to do and met so many people and it was so much fun. I thought I could catch up with blogging in the sleepy town of Selcuk but boy was I wrong. Out again with people and I was so sorry to leave. Right now I am writing this on a top bunk bed in the centre of Athens and pretty worn out to be honest. Took a morning flight out from Selcuk and arrived here by late afternoon. I am a little sad to keep on parting ways with really nice people but that's just the way it is. It's my journey and no one else can really come with me. Ok, no more sad stories, back to Goreme - basically a tourist town in the Cappadocia region for visitors to explore the valleys surrounding all these small little town. Things are like not cheap here but there was plenty of money can't buy experiences from sitting on a stray donkey no thanks to the owner of the place that I stayed in to being hosed down with really cold water in the middle of the afternoon.

For a person who is not really active, all these light walking and hiking will hurt your ass but believe me it was worth it. It's a little scary if I were to do it on my own but with the right company, it was fine. The paths are all there and I even did one valley known as Love Valley (named after obvious reason - the phallic shaped rock formation) twice and most of them took like 2-4 hours to complete under the blazing sun.

I enjoyed myself immensely there though I didn't do the so called number one thing - hot air balloon ride which everyone said was amazing but at €120, it's not something that I can just do and my journey is far from ending. If it were to be just one Turkey trip, then maybe. There's just so much to see and do, I can't do everything. Most of the time I just rest - it's not glamorous but necessary. Right now I am feeling lazy/slightly hungry and would kill for some nice Malaysian food. Funny enough, I don't really know or see too many Malaysian outside of Istanbul, think they need to venture out, it's a beautiful and diverse country and I am just scratching the surface.


Twilight Man said...

Your photos are awesome and beautiful. I always brought some Bak kua, cup noodles and even chilly paste during my travels so that I won't get sick of their food esp in rural China.

Enjoy your trip!

William said...

I have only heard of Cappadocia cause it appears in the Gospels

Bunny B said...

I been to turkeys but i din go to cappacedonia, tried the other route, the pamukkale and ephesus one.

Oh glad i din miss out much in terms of the hot air balloon, but ur pics are quite scenic =D