Monday, June 02, 2014

World Ventures : You should be doing something else

I am sure by now you would have seen some of your friends or friends of your friends holding this blue sign that reads: "You Should Be Here" etc, looking smug etc in their holiday pics and it's like what is it all about? Well, ladies and gentleman, let me introduce Dreamtrips by World Ventures - the latest thing that is sweeping through the country and the advertising community. I guess it's more rampant here because advertising people just want to spend and do everything fun and most of them could because marriage rates are pretty low.

But let me get back to this scheme. It is without doubt MLM. It's not like MLM is a bad thing necessarily. Alot of direct selling and insurance etc one way or another are based on this model. You join as a member to get better deals/earn money or when you recruit someone, you earn something and your downliners will contribute to your earnings once they recruit or sold something. And so it continues.

For most people, they just want cheap trips and it worked for some people. So you pay for a one time fee and then continue paying a monthly fee to get access to cheap trips. Sounds ok except for a fee of USD60, you better be going for lots of trips to make it up for the USD720 you've paid within a year. It's like how gym membership works, these companies are banging on people who pays their monthly fee, preferably autopay with their credit card so that they won't feel anything and not use their facilities. Apparently there are other fees if you want to be recruiter etc etc

I am not saying it's the worst thing on earth but for me, it doesn't work. The promise of no work and yet you get paid and get free holiday is hardly realistic. But they are just telling people what they want to hear anyway, so that's a very clever thing. The truth is, you might be able to have a good life as promised if you are able to recruit tons of members, it's the same with any direct sales and insurance etc isn't it? The money is always there but you need to WORK for it.

People these days just want everything except hardwork. I face them all the time, the young ones. They complain about the work being too difficult - well, honey if you don't deal with difficulty now, when do you want to deal with it? Maybe when you are at my age? By then you wouldn't have the experience of solving problems and then you have a team of people looking up to you for solutions.

It doesn't help when we are constantly being bombarded with top ten places you need to see before you die, or things you should be doing before you die or regrets from people on their deadbed etc etc - let me just offer you one advice. It's great that you want to take life by it's horn and tassel. In order to do all the things you want to do in life - you need to freaking work damn hard and save the money you get from it. There is no shortcut.

Let me repeat - there is no shortcut unless you marry a millionaire.

Even if you read about bloggers who travel the world now getting paid by sponsors - they all started out by working hard. Working hard on their content, creating value and then only the sponsors come.

So if you are looking for a trip of a lifetime, you should be here... working.

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