Monday, June 16, 2014

My letter to the Breakaway Backpacker

Hi Jaime,

You might not know me but I have been following your blog since it was featured on Mashable.

My name is Daniel and today is my last day at work. I am 33 this year and will be going on my first long term trip to Europe and South America starting in July. This trip will take 6 months to a year.

Two years ago when I first went to India. I was bitten by the travel bug and realised how amazing and how big the world is compared to my problems at home and I don’t think I will be happy if I die not seeing all these wonderful places that I see on TV all the time. I have been a Nat Geo freak since I was a kid, dreaming about places like the Amazons and Egypt and its beautiful pyramids (though this trip won’t take me to Egypt but I will be there, one day).

I thought you should know that because of you, I took the first step nearly a year ago. I found the courage through your experiences and also after learning how much you have spent. The biggest misconception out there is that trips like these cost alot. It's not easy when you have built your career all your life and at the point of your life when everyone expects you to be 'stable' and start building a family/life/home. But nothing good comes out from easy!

Also it's very important to note and thank bloggers like you and Robert (from Leave Your Daily Hell) for inspiring young gay men like me and others to go out there - some of us can rough it out and doesn't need trample places in designer footwear.

Wish me luck.

Thank you once again.

Credit: Breakaway Backpacker


William said...

Adventure time!

Hdaran said...

I miss India. Deeply!

Twilight Man said...

I really envy your coming holiday plans! I need a holiday so badly but money doesn't grow on my trees!