Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Gap Year for Mid-Career? It Could Make You a Better Employee

Tufts University announced they’ll pay students to take a gap year between high school and college because the experience makes them more motivated and worldly.

You’re probably thinking: That’s awesome! I want to take a gap year to be motivated and worldly, too. But I’m not a recent high school grad. (Cue silent tears behind gray cubicle walls.)
When you're established — or early — in your career, it can feel like the gap year ship has long since sailed. You're officially in the workforce, cursing your cousin’s wedding for eating into your two weeks of vacation.

But no matter where you are in your career, it’s never too late for a gap year

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kenni said...

Read this article before so that's why i'm taking my gap year starting july!

Wish us luck!