Friday, May 16, 2014

47 days to go

God, that's like really fast. Felt like I have not done alot of things and truth to be told there's a lot of things left to be done.

1. Mock packing - trying to do a few rounds of those to see what else is missing or what else is not needed.
2. Settle my bank account/finance - need to open a new account actually. Something I can do anytime.
3. Decided against an international driving license. Don't want to be bothered driving.
4. Still undecided on which pair of shoes and bag to take.....I know...I know....
5. Settle the hostels at least for a few weeks ahead.
6. Cleaning up my space in office and home
7. Print some additional passport pictures
8. Backup my files and shit
9. Get more music

And some other stuff. I am just being lazy and it's Friday and I am just too lazy.

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