Thursday, March 13, 2014

Just don't fly MAS

Gotta be the stupidest comment that I have read on Facebook and to think that I am friends with such person. Granted it was many many years since I left that agency and that woman went down to Singapore. However little do I know that a well traveled and well educated person such as her could blame the recent incident entirely to the airline and thus discounting ever again flying with them.

Anyone who knows me will know that while I am hardly the most patriotic person on earth and I have in the past slammed the airlines for losing money for many years now and relying on handouts from Government and Petronas. But that's besides the point - whatever it is, MAS is well known to be value for money, reliability and decent quality for the price you pay. Sure it's no SIA but for poor people such as myself, I am very happy to be flying with them and will continue to do so. Anytime I can avoid AirAsia, I would because I will be rest assured knowing that whatever I have paid for - thats about it and everything (or almost everything) is at my disposal.

While I know that sometimes it's better to just ignore stupidity, I couldn't help but slammed her for being insensitive at times like this - whatever she shared and said has no added any value whatsoever and it's really disgusting because ultimately she's just a girl from Ipoh who so happen to snapped herself a rich boyfriend and it's just a reminder never to be selfish and get lost within all the blessings that was given. I mean she could have stopped at Stunning view (caption to a beautiful lake in New Zealand) but instead she felt the need to add on - just don't fly MAS. Any form of brain matters will tell you that flying is much safer than traveling on road and just because of this one incident doesn't mean that all flights from MAS will have the same fate.

You can be lucky and rich - but please never be stupid. #notetoself


€hee$e said...

I like your blog. very classy. nice articles about travelling. keep it up. your fascination with beard is though weird for me at first, it gets interesting.

Eric Hah said...

Well written! Behind you on that! Keep it going!

thompsonboy said...

Thank you people!