Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bangkok breakdown

Meant to be more discipline in documenting my spend - I always roughly know how much I spent on trips but never the exact detail and breakdown. So I posted some snaps from my last trip here but the damage is as below:

Taxi to LCCT - claimed
Taxi from Don Mueang Airport to Pattaya - claimed
Accommodation in Pattaya - claimed
Taxi from hotel to Pattaya Bus station - 30
Bus ticket from Pattaya Bus station to Ekamai Bangkok  - 13
Accommodation in Bangkok - 160
Bangkok National Museum entrance fee - 20
Day tour to Ayutthaya - 166.78
Train/bus tickets from Sala Daeng BTS to Don Mueang Airport - 7
Taxi from LCCT to home - claimed
Underwater iPhone cover - 113.82
Eraman Duty Free gifts - 136.70
Not so legal documentations - 150
Food (as gifts), food, drinks and transport (train and boat rides) one week - 400

Total: RM 1,060.60 - 500 (per diem) = 560.60

At a glance it might looked like I did well - I didn't. Because it was a conference and I was staying in good hotel, many meals were provided. I suppose most of the expenses was due to the fact that I went drinking and since I was with my colleagues hence there are places that I would never go (cut throat tourist trap) but had to anyway since majority rules. The upside of things is that I have per diem to claim.


Twilight Man said...

You are rated a Macho Traveler!
If I see you again, I will tap your shoulder.

William said...

Get an app to record your expenses