Monday, January 13, 2014

For that traveller in you (or your friends)

Abit hipster-ish but found some of cute travel memorabilia that isn't kitschy yet cute.

These luggage tags are supposed to be tear, water and abuse proof, truly a throwback to yesteryears of traveling with style. The tags these days are pretty ugly with the usual airport code. So it's nice to have a set of these or buy them as gifts. If I wasn't trying to save a buck, I will buy them. Still, pretty cheap at £3.50 from Herb Lester

How about some pillows? Inspired by the IATA airport codes - travel-holics knows some of these codes by heart now and no time is a bad time to bring some of these pillows back home to reaffirm the travel-head that you are. $19.90 from airportag

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AL said...

Love the tags and PILLOWS!