Thursday, January 02, 2014

FAQ on my RTW Trip : Europe and South America

What are you doing?
I am trying to see as much of Europe as I can and if I can still afford it, South America as well within a year. Got my one way ticket to Istanbul and thats all.

Why are you doing this?
I am doing this because I want to see the world. Short and simple.
No, it’s not because of midlife crisis though 30s is the new midlife, no? It’s not about finding myself –  I know who I am and what I want and hence this trip.  It’s very practical you see, I am not getting any younger and trips like these should be done while you can walk and still have the tolerance for bad dorms and all sorts of bullshit. Also, eventually my parents will be old and ill and I won’t be able to do and go as I wish. Don’t want to look back and regret not doing this. I am checking off one bucket list at a time, no more staring at yet another Top 10 places I must see before I die.

How did it started?
Probably 2 years ago when I first went to India. I realised how amazing and how big the world is compared to my problems at home and I don’t think I will be happy if I die not seeing all these wonderful places that I see on TV all the time. I have been a Nat Geo freak since I was a kid, dreaming about places like the Amazons and Egypt and its beautiful pyramids. Though this trip won’t take me to Egypt but I will be there, one day. There are just too many places to focus on right now.
Besides, taking short trips are more tiring, expensive and doesn’t allow you time to immerse yourself in the environment.

How long will you be away?
Minimum 6 months, maximum one year. But anything can happen. I have nothing to prove and I can come back anytime I want and I am not planning to answer to anyone.

Where are you going?
Most of the countries In Europe – minus Russia and the Scandinavian countries. I have nothing against Scandinavia, it’s just too expensive and I need to prioritise. I also need to make the Schengen visa and 90 days work for me – it’s really stupid to be forced to cover 25 wonderful countries within 3 months. After that I might end up spending the winter in Morocco (If I can sort  out the visa), Algeria (Malaysia is one of the handful countries in the world that have ties with this country and hence visa free) and some in London.

See my complete list and plan here:

Then Q1 2015 will be the start of the South America leg – won’t be able to cover Central America, as much as I want to see them. Or till my monies run out.

How did you manage to afford this?
I can’t. I have been saving money for awhile now without much purpose other than security reasons but the last one year has been amplified further – I cut down on shopping, sold off everything that is worth selling and save. It’s amazing how much money you can save if you have a goal. And yes, a lot of staying home as well. I did managed to travel quite abit in between because I don't drink Starbucks or shop online.

Isn’t it expensive?
Yes and no. Yes because it’s a long duration and I won’t be able to work. No because I know what it takes to make my money go even further and it’s easier to travel cheap when you have the time. In absence of time (a problem for us 4D3N type), we will spend more money to get things done and planned forehand. I have never done this but from what I read and was told – it’s not as expensive as one think. I experimented this during my Laos/Vietnam and Japan trip.

You are going alone?
Yes, it’s not because I like doing it alone (though it’s easier to do so – making decisions for one etc) but I figured that I cannot be sitting down waiting for people to come with me – there will be places that no one is interested to go and it’s a stupid excuse to hold myself back because of friends.

Aren’t you afraid of _______ ?
Yes, which is why it’s worth doing.  I might get into an accident, get mugged, lose something and all but I think at the end of the day, it’s all worth it.

What about your job? What about the future? What about your car and house etc
I have resigned from my job, the car and the house is somewhat sorted. As for the future – who knows? You can never really plan for future even though as always like to think that we can.

Can I join you?
Yes, sure. Just hit me up at the usual social network outlets.

See my complete list and plan here: 

How can I help?
Just remember where I am, where I go whenever I update my status – that might just help me if I get into any trouble as I will be alone. Or if you have friends somewhere you think I can stay on their couch or garage, that will be great as well. Or, a gift of monies would be helpful too.

See my complete list and plan here: 

I hate you/ I wished I could do the same/I envy you
Stop the hatin and get out and do something. People talk about alot of things they wished they could be doing but just stop at wishing. Instead of doing something about it, they go back to their usual routine. That's just sad and wrong. Make the change. Only you can do it for yourself, no one else.


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