Monday, January 27, 2014

Alive in many ways

So I have been quite busy and away - the painful part is that I can't leave my job early enough to escape a month or two of torture which entails a pitch for the current account that I am working on. That's the thing about advertising and big account, every 3-5 years there will be mandatory pitches or in other industry they called it tender to ensure fair play. The good thing about knowing that you won't stay long enough is that whatever the results, it doesn't bother you at all.

Not to be selfish, I know that many people are counting on this and heads will roll if we were to lose this account. All said and done, I still gave my very best and hope that everything will be ok. After all, we endured weekends after weekends and coming back to work on two consecutive public holidays. On a much brighter note, everything will be over by today and there's the Chinese New Year holiday around the corner to pig out and rest.

Also, my iPad Air is finally here and I've been busy playing around with it. It's quite useful though I do believe I can live without it but it's meant to keep me busy and provide me with ease when it comes to reading when I am traveling. Can't be carrying all the books everywhere I go. I am busying myself with a new stylus, playing and drawing nonsense which I quite enjoy. Nothing art-worthy but it is sure fun and good way to spend time during transit.

Now with a little time on hand, it got me thinking alot about relationship. Something which I have kind of locked away or tucked in the corner and haven't been giving it much thought. Years on, I think I am still a failure in the sense that I know what to do in many aspects of life and even not as afraid to think of traveling alone out there in the world but when it comes to love - I am still clueless and just as rubbish. Will I ever learn now that I have turned 33 last week?

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Hdaran said...

I'm beginning to think I'd never learn myself.