Monday, November 04, 2013

Fitting into the bill

Sale or not, these days nothing will really make me excited. Not even when my usual fav haunts of website is on sale, not even that big beautiful bag on markdown. In fact the last summer, I escaped and unsubscribed from anything that might lure me back to where I used to.

But like it or not, there are some things that I need to gather for the trip next week and this includes some clothes that are not really cheap. I really do wished the outdoor clothing type will catch up with fashion stream - everything is just way too manly for my taste. Not to say I will be wearing lace and pink with my backpack but the last time I went on a trip, I was smelly, hair was messy, wearing black raincoat with black waterproof pants - get this - its those pants that you can zip off and become shorts. Fashion queens of the world will scream when they see it.
The Internet are divided - some people think it's stupid and you don't have to dress like an extra from Crocodile Hunter in order to travel while others swear on it.

I do however have to say that cotton is really not travel friendly - not when its long term and on a budget. It's really heavy, thick and once it's wet, it takes forever to get dry. The only saving grace is that it's cheap. So investing abit on these clothing is alright - since it was on 40% sale last weekend. Brand of choice - Columbia, not very fashion forward but anything that is thin, easy care, breathable, fast drying, water proof is good in my books.

It's really scary how much I have changed, I thought as I was trying things in the changing room, I wouldn't even give these a look back then but now I know my comfort depends on them and I only get excited when they are on sale. But in a way its liberating to knows that I need so little in order to live and be happy - even if I can layer upon layers of Zara on myself, I wouldn't be happy so there's just no use in it at all.

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