Thursday, November 14, 2013

#1 restaurant in George Town

According to Tripadvisor anyway - Kebaya, the restaurant at the now super famous and IT place to be, Seven Terraces - people who knows me know that I swear by TA and since this place came highly recommended, what a boy to do but go right? Esp since I can't afford the rooms.

Maybe I've been backpacking for awhile now so my standards are higher if I have pay 10x more than usual for meals. its around RM100++ for one selection from starters, main, vegetables and dessert menu.
  • Wine - prices are decent with a small selection
  • Cocktails - decent enough, pricing standard for the typical chi chi places
  • Food - it's ok, not great tasting, pork was dry though everything was beautifully presented. My foreign friends seems to like it so maybe it's just me. I've tasted better fried kangkung/vegetables.
Like some comments from the other reviewers - environment is pretty uptight and we are totally locked off from the hotels, would be nice to have a look around this is hotel and restaurant is by no means cheap for local standards, maybe for expats and 10% of the affluent crowd but not locals. It's pretty much a miss for me, so much potential and expectations yet so little returns.

Number one this place is not.

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Twilight Man said...

I was staring at the plate and saucers for so damn long! They are beautiful and looked like mine.