Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Losing it at Yogyakarta

The fact that this part of Indonesia eludes the dangers of overcrowding from tourists is beyond me. This place is beautiful, historical (I don't need to talk about the ancient and many UNESCO heritage sites though some people I know doesn't even know what it is and why it exists) and extremely affordable.

But what's more important are the people - kind, warm and generous. Nicest people I've meet during all my travel and just as good as the Taiwanese. It's not hard to lose your heart to such a place, lost between time and culture and mainly frequent by the locals. Oh, I don't have to talk about how good the food was - it's beyond words.

"Biarkan orang berkata beda, kau tetap yang utama.
Biarkan orang berkata beda, kau tetap istimewa." - Kau Seperti Jogja

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