Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Thailand - can you ever get bored of it?

I've never though I will say this but - yes it's getting very tiring and predictable. At least at the major tourist areas anyway. There is virtually no more surprises after having been there so many times and to some, it's comforting.. But things are not usually for the better, things have no choice but to be more expensive, places are now more crowded when it used to be quiet.

Which is why I enjoyed Lipe. Just enough dose of everything. Time to venture to other more remote islands. As for now, this Krabi trip was like an old friend - it has changed, it's nice while it lasted and you always talk about back in the days.


Twilight Man said...

Beautiful photos macam Thailand in 1950s effect.

thompsonboy said...

but with 2013 type of crowds