Monday, August 19, 2013

So many things, so little time

Oh good grief, no updates because it has been craaaaaazeeeeey for the past few weeks. It doesn't help when things are getting from worst to worster and worstest, I mean, I nearly wanted to quit this bitch of the job because this agency is going downhill. I mean where got people do so many pitches back to back like that and overstretch the manpower? Rubbish targets! Anyhoo...

I have to deal with some shits here and there - I am really torn and busy researching, deciding on many things for next year RTW trip. So many things to consider and plan. You would think that holiday is easy - it's really work.

Shit to think about:
  • Packing and clothes - no more fashion victim here, everything needs to be practical. Granted in the photos, I would look like a straight man but is that the worst that can happen to me? I don't think so. Clothes that doesn't dry quick enough and smell is more important.
  • Bags - not too bad but trying to find the cheapest deal for day bag
  • Insurance - this is a huge bomb considering that taking off for a year or so doesn't exist in the Asian context hence there's not many options if you weren't Ang Moh
  • Security stuff - locks and shit, again no options here but to buy online
  • Money and finances - again & again, less options when it comes to ATM, bank fees and stuff
The thing about RTW trips are, most of the goodies are meant for people outside of Asia and sometimes makes you wanna cry thinking about how much harder and longer you have to work because of the weak currency. A 26 year old in US can probably save up as much as a 32 year old in Asia....#sadbuttruestory

Also think about it this way, as a non Asian, traveling to Asia meant that their money can stretch further wherelse I want to travel out of Asia which can be very expensive since I am nearly done with it barring China (which is a huge trip by itself and a few nice places here and there), Japan which I will tackle next year, Australia...ok so thats just one place and then NZ. Asia Pacific is almost done.....and can be completed anytime.

Well, I have came so far, the battle continues. Now if someone is kind enough to buy up all my remaining bags, I would be very very happy.

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