Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Post to spend

So post shopping for the RTW trip, here are the damages. Preparing for RTW in Malaysia is not easy and there's not alot of choices and the prices are MAD. I gotten all the below from Midvalley courtesy of sale from World of Outdoors and also Tearproof except for the messenger bag.
  • Deuter Messenger bag - RM310, fly all the way from New Zealand.
  • Pacsafe Backpack Protector - was RM480, now RM280. Sure cheaper to buy from US but there's always the issue of shipping. To be honest, the smaller 50L version was very cheaper, way cheaper than US after sale but it cant fit my backpack. I need to get a couple more stuff from them later but this is a big article so am glad that I have gotten it.
  • Deuter Washbag - was RM100, now RM80. To be honest, it was abit pricey BUT since there will be alot of upcoming trips before the actual RTW, the earlier I purchase this, the more mileage I can get with something proper and hopefully durable
  • Columbia Raincoat - was RM249, now RM180. Again not the cheapest thing on earth compared to prices in US but decent since I don't have to pay shipping. These type of raincoat jacket that is packable would probably cost more or less that price these days so might as well invest on something that hopefuly can last. Luckily there was S size because anything bigger I would be swimming in it.
To be honest, I am more or less there already apart from some minor clothing issue - need to get things that can dry fast like towels, socks and underwear. Sure, I won't look like fashion queen at the end of the day unless they make a military style rain jacket, in fact I am so afraid of looking like a model from their outdoor catalog...ugh but comfort and durability above style for traveling.

The trick is to buy it from now onwards rather than burn one big hole when the time comes. I walked out from the stores feeling very poor but really, how much was the total damage? less than 1 grand, cheaper than most the bags that I bought in the past. So whats with this double standard and further more these are necessities. I was also very satisfied - at least putting down money on things like these makes it one step closer to the real thing.

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