Tuesday, July 09, 2013

This is a full time job

Thanks to then Internet, traveling has become so much easier with the help of social media and sites like Tripadvisor. Gone are the days that you only rely on Lonely Planet (a guide that is becoming more and more hated - though I still refer to it as my first point of entry, I never really do believe in 100% what it says, after all through experience I have found places that promotes themselves as listed in guidebooks to be more expensive) or a travel show. Which is why I found the latest campaign for MAS pretty - lame. It's pretty no doubt - I even knew the people who did that but while it's a frilly touchy type of proposition of we are all travelers moving from point A to point B in our lifetime bla bla bla journeys are made with the people you travel with - this revelation is nothing new. Hell, I can use that back in the 80s and its still true.

Isn't there anything new that they can use? Like I said, social travel is like sooooo huge, what is MAS's role in it? How can they complement it? Even the richest go into Internet and read a review so it's not just for the backpackers and the poor. How are they relevant? I don't see anyone feeling that these TVCs has anything to do with their lives. No consumer insights at all.
While I may not have all the answers, I can only snort at it. At least those guys managed to travel many countries on the client's airlines for free so thats good for them.

Going back to the Internet - reading, learning, researching - takes more time than you can imagine just because I need to save as much money as possible and also to stretch them far enough to cover as many places as possible. I have started being very productive beyond just ok I have to save some money. While that is in place, the list are drawn - it looks very long now but I will shorten it down to what I really want to see and take off those that I can do without. Don't get me started on the prep list - its exciting, scary and frustrating at the same time - kinda like the 2 months before I head off to India. I nearly wanted to kill myself with information overload. But it turned out well worth the time and this is a process that I would be happy to go through all over again. 

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