Friday, June 21, 2013

A little calculation for the next trip

So far, I have finally booked all the flights - yes its plural because I will be boarding not 2 but 6 flights altogether in 10 days. Crazy? Yes but mainly because either I have no choice or its cheaper than train. Amazing right? And I save more time too.

KUL - VTE : RM184.00
VTE -  LPQ: RM206.77 (while there are cheaper alternative such as bus, I would save up to 11 hours)
LP - HN - RM500 vs a bus ride that is 24 hours
HN - DAD - RM130 (cheaper and shorter time than train)
DAD - SGN - RM130 (cheaper and shorter time than train)
SGN - KUL - RM176.31

All in all, before even departing, I have spent more than 1K on transport alone. Makes me wonder if I really did the right and cheap thing. But then again if I look at it from the point that I am visiting two countries and not just touch and go to the capital cities but rather explore the it too much of a price to pay? I suppose I can and I will skim on the places to stay and such. Could I do it all under 2K?


TZ said...

sound like an interesting up coming vacation. :)

savante said...

WHat fun! Time to plan what to do over there!