Thursday, May 09, 2013

Suddenly Teresa

Now much have been written about politics in the recent times and personally I have reframed myself from saying too much about it mainly because one, I don't know much about it or enough to make any statement that doesn't come off as looking silly and two, I was unable to vote because I will be away. Since then, all these dramas with family members fighting with each another, friends bickering with friends and for what? Politics. Sure, I may view this from a rather pessimistic point but that doesn't mean I don't care. I rather think that I am being realistic about things.

Whats really funny to me is that people who usually don't get a rat ass over things are all suddenly turning into activist and also expert. I mean, it's a good thing for people to start caring about what's happening in the country but I believe most of this would probably be the heat of the moment and herd mentality more than anything else. It would all fizzle and die out like all things Malaysian after awhile. Which is really sad because this is not a phase or a date - change is long term, just like what I learnt in advertising.

But that's just me. I still don't think that politics (and some say money) and religion mix well with relationship. I don't believe anyone can be mature enough to have differing thoughts and not argue about things. People these days can't seem to be thinking with their mind but rather just with their heart or emotions.

These days, if you have a differing or less popular opinions, you are seen as not doing the right thing - I mean me choosing not to vote and proceed with my holiday is being shrugged off as not doing my part for the country which I believe isn't their place to comment at the first place. They forget that the democracy and freedom that they are fighting at the first place was supposed to guarantee me a right to choose what I want to do with my vote. At least I am registered and I know what I am doing without the need to conform to what others think is right. And that is my right.

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Twilight Man said...

Teresa Cock? I voted her!