Monday, May 20, 2013

Coming clean about things

For the past one year since my return from India I have been plotting and thinking and truth to be told that while I was supposed to save up as much as I can muster, I haven't been doing it properly. Since then, there was yet another a bag (or two or three or four) and also some trips in between which are great. Sometimes you just can't plan for things that just happened like trips. I don't regret taking them as anything and any place new is a plus.

But to be honest, I have not been doing it properly. And I sometimes get carried away with how things are - I didn't expect all my plans to fall flat on my face, one after another and last weekend was the last straw. I just felt so tired for trying and boy, I have been trying even though I know chances of making things happen are next to zero. I nearly want to just breakdown and cry but I didn't. Instead, I just went shopping and try to forget about trying so hard for just one second.Ok, so the shopping bit isn't exactly helping. I mean do I need yet another singlet? or another shorts for the beach? How often do I go to the beach?

I can live with not seeing those plans realised but I cannot live with the fact that I sit on my ass and do nothing to try and make them happen so here I am back to drawing board yet again. However this time I am more determined than ever. I have a goal - numerically speaking. Gotta start keeping a tab on the spending which I have never done in my entire life! Yes, I save but I just make sure I put aside some monies and have all the retirement plans in place (which I figured is good enough) but these days a better systematic way is needed. After all, I better get used to tracking all my monies because this will be a good habit to rely on in the future. I don't have a time frame set but I have a figure in mind and thats all I have for now. Which is good. Better than just castles in the sky. At the rate I am going, I probably need another year :(

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