Monday, March 11, 2013

Something just reminded me

Was just reading musemono's blog and he has been travelling to so many different countries ever since I the last time I check on his blog. So jealous but the truth is it's doable for me. Not so much monies issue but just that I am stuck in a moment (yes, it's going to be a U2, you might want to wiki it since it's kinda old but anyway...) and the thing is, he's no rich but he made a point to do it. And he does it alone! I have tried travelling alone abroad ONCE and it's not really fun. It gets too quiet after awhile.

This just reminds me of the so called list that I need to draw out, things to see and do before I die aka bucket list but it's more of a travel type than anything else. Given the choice I would like to see each and every part of the world and there's are many other places on top of my list but if I can do these places in the near future then I would be a happy camper. I mean there's South America, China and Russia to cover but for now, here it is. I am not so crazy about Europe, I am sure I will love it but somehow...don't know but no feeling whatsoever with it. And the longer I delay it, the worst it would be, AirAsia just stopped flying to Sri Lanka. Also Iran I think...yes I do want to visit Iran.


Sri Lanka








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Anonymous said...

I prefer travelling alone if that's possible for me. lol